The Owner



Anastasia Ebel

New Orleans native and lifelong naturalista, Anastasia Ebel, is the owner and lead stylist of Baby Bangz Natural Hair Salon. Growing up in a biracial household, Anastasia has always been instilled with the idea that your natural hair is your history.

In Anastasia’s household creativity was important which allowed Anastasia to form an imagination that grows with age. As a graduate of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Anastasia prides herself on being a mixed media artist and likes to embark on life through the eyes of an artist. She works with things such as paints, sculptures, and of course, hair. Anastasia was taught the practice of holistic medicine and how to work with natural herbs and remedies, through her family. This is a skill that comes in handy while she creates her own products for herself and her clients.

“I’ve spent my whole life natural. As a Caucasian woman, my mother made it a priority for both herself and I to know how to handle my curl pattern. This is a reason why I make it a point to teach others,” said Anastasia.

Anastasia is a Deva inspired curl specialist who believes in the idea of always learning new things, especially about your curls. In her salon, Anastasia constructs her clients’ experiences as learning experiences. Her goal is to make her clients self-sufficient when it comes to their natural hair. She expresses that natural hair is who you are; it is the way god made you; the way you’re intended to look. Anastasia describes herself as more of a natural hair coach than a stylist.

 When you sit in her chair, Anastasia will advise you that changing your hairstyle is not a sign of immaturity, the way some people in society see it, it is a part of the lifestyle and versatility that your natural hair provides you. Many people can be vulnerable through their hair and Anastasia tries her best to soothe them throughout the process. She emphasizes to clients, both natural and transitioning, to utilize this opportunity to get to know oneself while evolving or growing one step at a time.

“Don’t covet others curls, know yourself. Natural hair is accepting who you are, being unapologetic for who you are, getting to know who you are,” said Anastasia.