Anastasia Ebel, Lead Stylist

In Anastasia's household, creativity was important, which allowed Anastasia to form an imagination that grows with age. As a graduate of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Anastasia prides herself on being a mixed media artist and likes to embark on life through the eyes of an artist. She works with things such as paints, sculptures, and of course, hair.

Anastasia was taught the practice of holistic medicine and how to work with natural herbs and remedies, through her family. This is a skill that comes in handy while she creates her own products for herself and her clients.

Anastasia is a Deva inspired curl specialist who believes in the idea of always learning new things, especially about your curls. In her salon, Anastasia conducts her client's experiences as learning experiences.

Her goal is to make her clients self-sufficient when it comes to their natural hair. She expresses that natural hair is who you are; it is the way god made you; the way you're intended to look.

Anastasia describes herself as more of a natural hair coach than a stylist.

BABYbangz is a cutting edge natural hair salon based in New Orleans, that offers a continuous learning experience for every stylist and their clients.

Babybangz as a name represents a culture: a representation of african american culture that gets labeled as derogatory, ghetto, or appropriated without recognition. It is a culture that deserves to be praised and appreciated.

The salon is operated by a group of women who see that their job is not solely a job, but a passion. this passion derives from their love of hair and ability to offer their clients an experience like no other.

Babybangz is a salon that strives to make their clients self sufficient. they believe in teaching their clients how to manage their hair on their own. as a unit their clientele ranges from ages 86 - 6. With specialties in detox treatments, silk presses, locs, braiding, weaving, and blow drying.

The babybangz team can cater to a variety of clients.



Brittney Jordan, Master Stylist

Brittney Jordan is a dual licensed master cosmetologist with 10 +years of experience as a Cosmetologist and Esthetician. Brit is always mastering and advancing her skills to help her clients. To name a few, she has obtained: an Advance level 2 Devacut, Pintura color professional, Microblading, and Pixie cut certification from some of the top names in the industry.

Brittney masters any and all things that are placed in front of her but she is known as the Color and Silk press Queen at Babybangz because she retains the health and integrity of the hair.

Brittney thrives to instill confidence in women and empowerment by enlightening and highlighting women's best attributes. Brittney believes that self-love and self-care are vital to success, value, and fulfillment and she enjoys helping people be their best confident selves.


Paula Bland, Nurse Practitioner

Practicing as a Nurse Practitioner, Paula Bland saw clients with various health issues that exacerbated scalp disorders and hair loss within the African American Community. She saw the need to help these women and men that were being forced to cover up these problems and not proudly show off their curls.

Because of this, it was only natural that she started to offer her services here at Babybangz on a weekly bases. Paula Bland performs an in-depth analysis of your scalp, formulates a customized hair regiment, and even offers minor medical treatments to improve the strength of your hair.

Along with that, she has formulated a line of products, The Love of People that we use in house and sell to further continue your hair on the path of recovery and health.



Jameika is a California native who relocated to New Orleans 5 years ago. She’s always had a passion for hair and makeup and decided to take it a step forward by attending Aveda Institute New Orleans. Jameika’s talent for hair can range across all textures but she has a special passion for natural hair, which attracted her to BabyBangz Natural Hair Salon. She specializes in all natural hair styling like wash n’ gos, flat twist outs, flexi rods, and more.

Jameika also loves educating people on natural hair and their specific hair needs. As a licensed cosmetologist, Jameika’s goal is to help spread knowledge on the versatility and care of natural hair, helping women, men, and children love what is naturally given to them. Let’s change the perception of natural hair, from a trend to the norm!


Telicia Farve

Telicia Farve has always had a passion for hair and art. She is a 2012 graduate of Aveda Institute and have been behind the chair for 7 years. Throughout her career she has worked with all hairtypes but always had a special love for natural and curly hair.

Telicia promotes healthy hair and scalp and loves to teach her clients how to maintain their hair at home by educating them on hair health.Telicia loves to show her creative side of hair styling through cuts, color, and updos.

Telicia strongly believes in keeping up with the trends by always continuing her education. She attends several hair classes and various hair shows through the years to take the trends and make them hers.